"The wound is the place where the Light enters you. "

- Rumi

Parent Coaching

Why is it that everything you have learned hasn’t worked when you tried it with your own child or teenager?  You’re no doubt confused and understandably frustrated.  You need input, direction and a new approach – a different strategy. You’re seeking guidance, support, or a second opinion. And you need it fast!

Tweens & Teens

These are difficult years for Tweens and Teens, struggling with physical and social changes in their lives  as they assert aspects of their newly found independence.

I focus specifically on identifying what is causing their pain and leading to unhappiness. I help them find the next steps towards improving their situation or relationships with family or friends.


Perhaps you’re in college and contemplating your career and the rest of your life? Are you feeling CONFUSED? FEELING HOPELESS or FRUSTRATED?

Whatever your situation may be, your twenties are a time of self-discovery, self-awareness and acceptance and  CHANGE!

About Me

I work with – and advocate for – children and families from diverse ethnic, racial, religious, cultural and economic backgrounds. I am dedicated to what I do. I help people solve problems and move from distress to healthy functioning. I welcome parents and children who want their struggles, their relationships, and their life’s difficulties to improve and heal. And ultimately find balance and peace in your family.